April 12 – 18, Chattanooga, TN

4 Bridges Art Festival

Erin Lee Gafill - Passion of Painting

Erin Lee Gafill - Passion of Painting

April 13 – 15

New work by Erin Lee Gafill, sponsored by The River Gallery in the Bluff Views Art District

For more information visit the Festival Website.

Passion of Painting -Creativity Workshop

April 16 – 17

River Gallery -400 East 2nd Street, Chattanooga

When we are struck by the awesome, the beautiful, or the extraordinary, we are compelled to express our feelings through making a mark, even something as random as a stroke of red crayon on white paper. Yet often in the act of making this mark, we are besieged by self-doubt, restraint, the voice of our inner critic, and the bold and honest response is lost.

Painting with passion commits the artist to exploring not only color, texture, composition, and line, but love, death, the meaning of life, and risk. Creating an environment that nurtures a sense of safety and non-judgment, Big Sur artist Erin Gafill leads participants through visual explorations using expressive painting, torn-paper collage, and mixed-media image making. By eliminating all but the nonessential forms, participants must examine what matters and what doesn’t, what to leave in and what to leave out, in telling their visual story. Each participant will create a series of pieces in various media, exploring the passion of painting while learning new techniques for seeing, thinking, drawing, and self-examination.

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