Kate Warthen, Pacific Grove, California

Sometimes my various works of art challenge me to find a common thread, but nature and
perhaps home are two. Nature and home are both about comfort, solace, peace, beauty.

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Kate Warthen grew up on a small farm in Northern Wisconsin, exploring the mystery and wonder of the surrounding woods, rivers, and lakes. In Summer, the long driveway transformed into a canvas on which Kate and her siblings drew extensive murals, smoothing the dirt and drawing with sticks, illustrating stories to entertain each other. In Winter, the pristine surface of snow became the canvas.

The same creative urge continued, taking various forms throughout motherhood and career: Watercolor, drawing, collage, batik, woodblock, fiber arts, and oil painting. 

Always one to combine many influences, Kate’s current working process is a combination of plein air and studio. Sketches are done “en plein air”, and paintings done quickly thereafter in the studio, relying only on visual memory and sketches. “Working in this way gives a more direct translation of the impression of the scene, without fixating on irrelevant details.”

The influence of the natural world and experience with many mediums converge in the current paintings. “It is my hope that my paintings will convey some of the beauty and mystery of the world, from grand to commonplace, with a bit of slowing down, of respite.”

Kate currently resides in Marina, CA, and is often out and about, sketchbook in hand, or plein air painting with other artists in the Monterey Bay and Big Sur areas of CA.