Kaffe Fassett Collection

Kaffe Fassett and Erin Lee Gafill textiles at the Log Cabin

Textiles by Kaffe Fassett & Erin Lee Gafill

This winter, two good friends and Kaffe Fassett fans brought some beautiful pieces from their collections hoping we might help them find new homes for their treasures. Kaffe’s work always inspires Erin, so we’ve included some of her textiles and a painting, influenced by her long relationship with her uncle Kaffe.

Have a look at the items by clicking the thumbnails below or these text Descriptions -

Damask Flower Shawl | Stone Circles Sweater | Hand Knit Cozies

Yellow Flower Bench | Still Life with Pitcher | Tumbling Blocks Throw

Row Houses Vest | Pinwheel Sweater | Roman Blocks Baby Blanket

Kenya Stripe Top | Jack’s Back Vest

Damask Flower Shawl by Kaffe Fassett

Stone Circles Sweater by Kaffe Fassett

Hand Knit Cozies by Erin Lee Gafill

Yellow Flower Bench by Kaffe Fassett

Still Life with Pitcher by Erin Lee Gafill

Tumbling Blocks Throw by Kaffe Fassett


Row Houses Vest by Kaffe Fassett

Pinwheel Sweater by Kaffe Fassett

Roman Blocks Baby Blanket by Kaffe Fassett

Pinwheel Sweater by Kaffe Fassett

Jacks Back Vest by Kaffe Fassett