Two Weeks at Rancho la Puerta

We love Rancho la Puerta, and feel honored to be a part of the Ranch’s creative community. If you’d like to visit the Ranch with us, we’ll be there for two weeks this summer. If it’s your first time at the Ranch, you qualify for these benefits –

  • 10% off your fee for a one-week stay
  • $250 spa credit
  • Room Upgrade (based on availablity one week before your arrival

Just call the Ranch to discuss reservations (800) 443-7565 and give them the code – RLP-PRP Gafill.
Or drop us a note if you have any questions. ([email protected])

This year for the first time Rancho la Puerta is dedicating a week to our Awaken the Artist Within creativity programs. Along with all the great activities the Ranch has to offer, you can participate if five sessions each of Erin’s Awaken the Artist Within program, Tom’s I Can’t Draw and You Can Too workshop, Emily Birmingham’s collaborative quilting program, as well as writing, music, and watercolor experiences.

If you’ve always been curious about Rancho la Puerta, and you’d like to take our creativity workshops, this is a very special opportunity! Hope to see you there.

Each year for one week, Rancho la Puerta opens the property to regular guests with their children ages 7 and up. It’s an opportunity to share a healthy, creative week in a beautiful, safe natural environment. There are plenty of creative, developmental, and fitness activities to engage everyone, and plenty of unstructured family time.

The Amazing Paintout – Erin will lead an over-sized art project, where everyone can collaborate to create a 30 foot mural, which will be revealed at Thursday’s Talent Show.

StageKids! – Tom gives everyone the oportunity to explore their inner performer. Whether you sing, dance, tell joke, recite poetry, or anything else. Join in the rehearsals early in the week, and into the spotlight Thursday night and share your talents with all the Ranch Guests.