Tell Me More – Who We Are!

Erin Lee Gafill - Alla Prima Still Life Painting

Erin Lee Gafill

Erin is an awardwinning artist, author, and teacher. Throughout our time together, Erin’s inspiration and insturction will imbue your experience with new approaches to living your most creative life.

Tom Birmingham

Besides his teaching and guidance in writing and drawing, Tom plans and designs every aspect of the trip. From personally choosing our dining spots, to engaging partners to make this an amazing experience, the design of the retreat will give you the confidence that you are in good hands.

April Min

April is a heritage professional who uses her skills as a genealogist, historian, and cultural anthropologist to help others explore their family history and learn more about the places where their ancestors lived. She is also a Certified Interpretive Guide™ and enjoys leading engaging explorations of cultural and historical sites.

When she’s not researching or writing about fascinating ancestors, April enjoys the sun and sand of Florida, her cat Huckleberry, and the New England Patriots.

Emily Birmingham

Emily Birmingham is an artist living in her hometown of Big Sur, California. She works in a range of mediums, from fabric manipulation and assemblage to observational sketch and acrylic painting. Currently she is exploring group quilting and gathering together through this traditional practice. Born into a family of artists, she sees the world through a creative lens and is quick to incorporate and adapt new disciplines.  Her aim is to  share her expressions, through work that feels like play and interactive installation with a focus on connecting people through their creativity. 

Joetta Keene

Joetta Keene is a certified yoga instructor and long time art student of Erin’s. Joetta’s yoga sessions are low impact on the joints and accessible to all humans. She enjoys finding creative ways to modify traditional yoga to make it a fun and healthy activity. After retiring from practicing criminal law in Texas, she moved to St. Petersburg, Florida and teaches yoga at a local college.