Gage Opdenbrouw – Guest Artist

a short film made by friend Colin Frangos, summarizing a series of 2017 studio visits to my loft in East Oakland, where i worked from 2014-2020. We discuss, among other things, impermanence, and my series “Garland of Hours”, based on old family photos, still ongoing.

Gage Opdenbrouw is featured in the Observation | Interpretation Exhibition at the LyndonDesign Gallery for the Month of February. He will be the guest artist at The Sea Ranch Lodge February 3 -6.

Gage Opdenbrouw

Born and raised in Northern California, Gage Opdenbrouw is an award winning painter, teacher, and woodworker, who until recent times, traveled frequently both to paint and to teach.

He now teaches online courses at Washington Studio School, in Washington DC, and Winslow Art Center, near Seattle.

He recently had a solo show at B Sakata Garo Gallery in Sacramento, and had two solo exhibitions in 2020, “Midsummer Sun in an Empty Room” at SHOH Gallery in Berkeley, and “Silent Music” at Washington Studio School, where he teaches regularly.

When travel safely resumes after the pandemic, he intends to follow through on temporarily delayed plans to teach in New Zealand and Italy, as well as in the US. His work was included in John Seed’s recent book “Disrupted Realism”, as well as the 2019 exhibition by the same title at Philadelphia’s Stanek Gallery.

With forthcoming solo shows at Sue Greenwood Fine Art, in Laguna Beach, CA, and Horse and Plow winery in Sebastopol, CA, Gage is focused on his painting in the woods in Sonoma County, California.

When he’s not working, he is most often found in Northern California among some of the tallest and quietest trees on earth, where the illuminated fog sweeps in from the pacific. He shares his home and studio in the redwoods with his love, writer Kelly Gray, and two dogs: Hank, a terrier/beagle who remembers every single place he ever found street chicken, and Nootka, a very vocal and sweet husky pup who looks like the best giant squirrel ever. He plays bass and guitar, very poorly and with great enthusiasm.