Paul Rickard, Guest Artist

Paul Rickard is featured in the Observation | Interpretation Exhibition at the LyndonDesign Gallery for the Month of February. He will be the guest artist at The Sea Ranch Lodge February 10-12.

Paul Rickard, Watercolor Artist, Arcata, California

Paul Rickard

A lover of California and the Great Northwest, Paul Rickard is an artist and songwriter from Humboldt County, California. His songs, original watercolor paintings, and sculptures draw from the natural beauty of the windswept, marine landscape.

Rickard studied art briefly in New Zealand and wood sculpture in Indonesia, graduated from UC Berkeley, and served in the Peace Corps with his wife Nancy.

Rickard is a career educator and currently serves on the faculty of Humboldt State University. He lives with his family on a hand-built homestead top of Fickle Hill in Arcata, California with wife Nancy and his yellow lab, Daisy. Paul and Nancy’s children are Heather, Hazel, and Oliver.