Tuscan Retreat – Daily Schedule

7:30 – Breakfast

After Breakfast –

Yoga with Joetta Keene

Joetta will lead the group in a low-stress morning yoga routine to start the day refreshed and invigorated

Mid Morning –

Tell Me More! – Erin Lee Gafill

Using inspirational prompts and short timed writing, Erin will lead a writing experience to get your creative juices flowing.

Late Morning –

I Can’t Draw, and You Can Too – Tom Birmingham

Through a series of exercises in line and watercolor, discover how accomplished you already are at drawing, if you just stop telling yourself you aren’t. In the process you’ll learn intuitive techniqes to coordinate your eye and hand for a more satisfying drawing esperience.

1 PM– Lunch

Lunches are served family style either in the dining room, or on the outdoor patio, depending on the weather.

Early Afternoon –

Hand-Stitching | Group Quilting – Emily Birmingham

The act of Group Quilting opens the door to designing in community.
When we work with each other, using a simple hand stitching method to design and piece together a massive textile, the world falls away and the stakes are lowered. Keeping our hands moving towards a shared goal allows us to play and connect with each other in a traditional medium that is given new life.
At the end of this project we will have new friends, new skills and a colorful art piece that we can all be proud of.

Mid Afternoon – Two Options

Erin Lee Gafill in the Studio

Awaken the Artist Within – Erin Lee Gafill

Together we will play with color, line, proportion, texture, value, and contrast, while practicing time-honored ways into connection with energy sources that will empower your own personal voice.
Bold color block painting, torn paper collage, timed writing exercises, the Magic Dot, and other surprising methods will engage your curiosity and workaround your creativity “killers”: self-doubt and excessive self-judgment.

Writing for Self Discovery – Tom Birmingham

While some people dream of a best seller and others want their ideas memorialized for potsterity, for me, writing is an end in itself. Through the process of writing, of reflecting on my life and transcribing the stories that brought me from there to here I gain understanding.

Late Afternoon –

Tai Chi – Joetta Keene

Return to the movement studio, and join Joetta each for a half hour session. She’ll share ten movements that can change your life.

Evenings –

Evenings at Spannocchia

7 PM – Wine Reception

Before dinner each evening, we’ll gather either on the Terrace or by the fire before dinner. Our hosts at Spannocchia will serve estate bottled wine and we’ll have a chance to catch up and relax togehter.

7:30 – Dinner

Farm to table doesn’t translate into Italian…It’s all farm to table. The slow food movement was developed to imitate the style of simple and leisurely dining with meals prepared with fresh local ingredients that we’ll share every night at Spannocchia

9:00 – A Sip by the Fire

After dinner, join us for a digestif by the fire. We’ll have time for a game of cards, some stitching while we gather, or to share stories from our days.