Jane Gallatin Powers – La Montagne Mirmande

Three Paintings from Andre L’hote’s Summer School in Mirmande, France

While wiring this painting, I noticed the inscription on the back, in Jane Gallatin Power’s handwriting – “Powers – La Montage Mirmande” on the front it is signe – Jane Gallatin Powers – ’29.

La Montagne Mirmande - Jane Gallatin Powers '29
La Montagne Mirmande – Jane Gallatin Powers ’29 – 20″ x 24″

Until this morning, I had never noticed this three painting progression of the same composition. The second piece has been “restored” by affixing the trimmed canvas to a stretched and treated canvas and then varnished. For this reason, there is no writing on the back or on the new stretchers. Lower right is the signature, Jane Powers.

Montagne Mirmande II – Jane Gallatin Powers – 21 1/2″ x 25 1/2″

The third painting is the most fully realize piece. While the composition is the same, the use of design elements and “divisionism” that is not uncommon in cubist painting is more obvious.
This third painting was re-framed and varnished for inclusion in an exhibition at the Jan Holloway Gallery in San Francisco in the 1980’s. It is 26″ x 32″. The title, Mirmonde Tropique is written in pen on a stretcher bar. There is also writing from an earlier exhibition in France which is only partially legible.

Mirmande Tropique – Jane Gallatin Powers – 26″ x 32″