Tell Me More! Once-off Events

Besides our daily schedule of creativity practices during our week at Spannocchia, you’ll have unique opportunites and experiences.

Here are a few of them –

Experience Florence!

Our first and last days together, join April Min for an interpretive walk through one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Florence Italy!

Florence is the birth place of the Renaissance. You will walk in the foot steps of Michaelangelo, and see how the Medicis spent their wealth on artworks and architecture.

Binding your hand-made Sketchbook

with Kelly Medford

On the afternoon of our first day in Florence, we’ll meet with our good friend, and artist, Kelly Medford. She will lead us in the creation of sketchbooks. Besides being an engaging activity, with a beutiful outcome, throughout our retreat you’ll populate your sketchbook with images, words and mementos from our journey together. This will become a record of the trip, a treasure, and an inspiration for years to come.

Winery Visit & Merenda

Colombaia Winery

During the 90-minute drive from Florence to Spannocchia, we’ll stop at the Colombaia Winery for a tour, a wine tasting a a merenda (snack).

Helena will guide us through the family estate, introducing the biodynamic and organic processes they use. Then we’ll gather on the veranda overlooking the wide vistas of Tuscany to enjoy some of their estate bottled wines and a light lunch.

Your Choice – Cooking Class or Spa Day

On Monday, our fourth day at Spannocchia we’ll have a free day. You can choose to learn the arts of Tuscan cooking in Spannocchia’s kitchen, or take a cab to a local spa for a hot soak and a massage.

Either way, you’ll enjoy a change of pace, and experience one or another side of Italian life.